TMS therapy

TMS therapy

TMS therapy

Are you looking for TMS therapy? Many people are looking for alternatives to treat their depression other than just medications. Medications can cause annoying and sometimes debilitating side effects which can include a decrease in sex drive (decrease libido) or other sexual dysfunction, fatigue, insomnia, restlessness, nausea, vomiting, and other problems. The compliance rate for anti-depressants is not surprisingly very low which is estimated to be around 30% or lower.

It is also not a good idea to let a major depressive episode go untreated as depression is “toxic” to the brain and can increase the chances of having future depressive episodes in the future. A FDA cleared(approved) treatment for depression is transcranial magnetic stimulation. This utilizes magnetic pulses to activate parts of the brain that are associated with depression. Over a series of treatments, the brain will respond to the stimulation and give an antidepressant effect which can lead to remission of the depressive episode.

Front Range TMS has the experience to deliver TMS to help with your depression without all of the side effects of medications. Each treatment will last approximately 19 minutes. Depending on your response, you may start feeling better within a few sessions. Some patients take up to 30-36 sessions for the maximum benefit to take effect. Just like medications, response to TMS therapy differs from patient to patient.

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