Front Range TMS offers FDA approved non-medication treatment for major depressive disorder. 

FDA Approved

TMS is a FDA-Approved treatment for major depressive disorder.

Minimum Side effects

TMS treatment has minimum side effects. The most common side effect is headache and scalp irritation.

4 Minute Protocol

We utilize the FDA approved 4 minute protocol which delivers stimulation to the brain for 4 minutes.

How it works

1. Come in for a consultation

Give us a call and schedule for a consultation

2. TMS is determined to be right for you

TMS is not for everyone. If you have the following conditions, you will not be eligible for TMS treatment:
1. If you have metal in your head (i.e. metal plates, aneurysm coils, cochlear implants, ocular implants, deep brain stimulation devices, stents, etc.)
2. If you are acutely suicidal and require emergency psychiatric help.
3. If you are pregnant or nursing
4. You have a seizure disorder

If you would like insurance to pay for your TMS treatment, you will require prior authorization. This means that a form is submitted to get approval for the insurance company to pay for your treatment. Typically, insurance companies require a failure or inability to tolerate 4 medications (from 2 different classes) and failure of psychotherapy.

3. An initial "mapping" session is done by Dr. Tanner

After the TMS treatment has been approved, the first session is done by Dr. Tanner. He will "map" or find the correct location of the brain for treatment which is the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. He will mark on a cap marking the correct location of where to administer the treatment. Your first treatment will be done at this time.

4. Daily Treatment (Monday through Friday) performed by Dr. Tanner

You will then receive daily treatment for up to 30-36 sessions. You will perform a depression scale prior to each session to track your progress. The treatments will be administered by Dr. Tanner.